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How to choose a tool cabinet

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2016/08/01 10:02

  Many friends asked how to choose the tool cabinet, but because each enterprise tool size, weight, use are not the same, the production and selection of the tool cabinet in accordance with the needs to determine the structure, as far as possible efficient, low consumption, the most important is Convenient, affordable, to meet their actual needs is the best choice. Therefore, the tool cabinet for custom products. Here the choice of the tool cabinet from the three aspects to give you some suggestions:

  One, casters

  The device is based on the type of tool cabinet, light tool cabinet can be installed casters are the best, easy to move and handling, and heavy tool cabinet because of the province of comparison, and the storage of things is also heavy, casters easy to wear, and items too Heavy move is not safe.

  Second, the guide rail

  The guide rail of the tool cabinet can be divided into single guide rail and double guide rail. Single rails are suitable for light tool cabinets and double rails for heavy tool cabinets. So the weight of how the general, the general weight of the tool cabinet in the 60-80 kg, if the load-bearing requirements, in the 150-200KG will have to use dual-rail, because the dual rail can withstand up to 250 kg.

  Three handrails

  Whether the tool cabinet needs to be equipped with handrails depends on whether the user's workshop needs to be moved frequently when using the tool cabinet. More relaxed.

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