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The Principle of Preservation of Goods in Warehouse Logistics

Release time:
2017/10/13 09:53

  1. Keep it for the channel. In order to facilitate the goods out of storage, easy to move in the warehouse, the basic conditions for the goods for the channel custody.

  2. As far as possible to the height of the code, improve storage efficiency. Effective use of the volume of the library should be put to the height of the code, in order to prevent damage, to ensure safety, should be used as much as possible scaffolding and other storage equipment.

  3. Select the location according to the library frequency. Goods that are shipped and purchased at a high frequency should be placed near the entrance of the shelf and are easy to work; the poorly placed items are located far from the entrances and exits; the seasonal items are selected for their place.

  4. The same breed is kept in the same place. In order to improve the efficiency of operation and storage efficiency, the same items or similar items should be kept in the same place, the staff on the shelves of goods on the shelf location of the familiar degree of direct access to the storage time, the similar items in the vicinity of the place is also An important way to improve efficiency.

  5. Keep the location according to the weight of the item. When placing a place, heavy items are placed underneath, and light items are placed on top of the shelves. Need to manually carry the large items are based on the height of the waist. This is an important principle for improving efficiency and ensuring safety.

  6. Keep the method according to the shape. It is also important to keep the goods in accordance with the shape of the items, such as the standard goods should be placed on the tray or shelf custody.

  7. Based on the principle of first-in first-out. Preservation of an important one is for perishable, easy to break, easy to corrupt items; for the function of easy to degenerate, aging items, as far as possible according to the principle of ancestors first to speed up the turnover. Because the diversification of goods, personalization, the principle of short life is very important.