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How to judge whether the shelf is strong?

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2017/10/13 09:50

  All the human nature of the world are good and bad points, all the products are good and bad points, of course, the shelves are the same, so we have to carefully choose excellent products, each of us will encounter shopping, in fact, But also shopping, but to consider more, then we have to choose how? From which aspects to consider the judge?

  In fact, many customers do not pay attention to these, more talk about to consider the pros and cons of shelves; then, do not think how to choose a good shelves. The first to judge one thing, a product of good and bad, starting from its roots. The second point: raw materials, good raw materials is the premise of doing the shelves. The third point: workmanship, and some shelf production and processing of the shelf is relatively poor, and some shelves produced by the shelf is better; from raw materials to molding through advanced rolling equipment to complete high-speed. The fourth point is to look at the shelf after the inspection, whether there are bubbles, small pieces off and so on.

  How to judge whether the shelf is strong

  According to which judgments?

  1. The structure of the shelf: the crossbar of the shelf depends on the hook structure of the beam and the beam hanging to the column in the form of: the hook of the beam to be more good, the more the better the force; the hook hanging on the column to see the hook and Column contact is closely consistent, the inside of the hook to the side of the column with no gap so that the structure can be stable and durable and durable.

  How to judge whether the shelf is strong

  2. Shelf handling: shelf spraying to be uniform and have a strong adhesion, the shelf surface of the spray is uniform to see whether the shelf inside the column edge of the column is missing, no omission to do, check the hard objects can be tapped It is easy to fall off that the shelf is easy to rust.

  3. Shelf material: shelf material, the domestic should be the original factory and the steel on the steel factory the most good. Also look at its welding process.

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