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Tool cabinet processing requirements and characteristics

Technical Information
Release time:
2017/10/13 09:45

  Tool cabinet processing requirements: all the plate after processing polished burr, seamless and scar. All welding is smooth, welds are smooth and flat.


  After each assembly, the outline size (length and width) of the extreme drawbacks of 2mm. Inclination of not more than 3mm.

  Interstage gap is the same, the gap should be 1-2mm.

  Overview: color by the surface of the same light, paint are smooth, no scratches.

  Tool cabinet features:

  L, tool cabinet for the multi-support, within the strengthening structure, the use of sophisticated steel production, durable.

  2, tool cabinet drawer with professional special guide rail, bearing a huge, full load can also access smoothly.

  3, the tool cabinet of each drawer are equipped with a safety buckle device, to prevent the handling or vibration of the drawer accidentally slide out.

  4, the same tool cabinet, drawer rails can be resolved pure monorail configuration, pure dual-track configuration or single-track mixed configuration.

  5, full width aluminum handle, coupled with variable labels, easy to RBI, classification.

  6, the drawer can be resolved classification box, partition board (film), lunch sorting RBI, effective control space.

  7, the center security lock, a lock can lock all the drawers, but also in accordance with the special needs of the election with the lock Wang RBI, a lock king can block 1000 sets of different lock tool cabinet.

  8, the top of the cabinet optional configuration box, lined with anti-oil pad, protective cabinet top and items.

  9, the bottom of the cabinet with pad feet, easy handling.

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