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Automatic container system for efficient use of space

Technical Information
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2017/10/13 09:45

  In the difficult times, the desire to have more storage space is often difficult to achieve. In fact, there is no need to expand the existing area, as long as the existing space can be optimized to use - automatic container system can achieve this.

  Relative to the static storage system, automatic container system has more advantages. The goods are tidy, dusty and prevent any picking. In addition, based on the "goods to the people" concept, saving the picking time, the goods can be quickly found and the shortest path directly to the picking. Automatic container system itself also has a number of options, rotary library system based on static shelves, access to goods in a certain limit. When looking for a product, all the shelves connected to the gear drive chain will run as "beaded".

  The working principle of the lift is quite different from that of the elevator, and all the goods are stored on a main pallet that can be moved. When the goods are stored, the pallet enters the equipment roadway with horizontal movement and is temporarily parked on the extractor. Thereafter, the tray is moved vertically up and down along with the extractor in the equipment roadway. The electronic equipment monitoring system of the lifting system is responsible for monitoring the free cargo space. Only when the free cargo space is found, the extractor will enter the horizontal storage layer, the tray will be released from the extractor and the cargo will be safe. The tray allows access to the goods without any restrictions, and the automated container system can provide considerable storage density. The advantage of this is that the installation distance of the support angle increases by 25 mm, and the storage space can be used to maximize the storage of the goods. Compared to a revolving library with a static shelf, the lift library is more flexible. The sensor automatically recognizes the height when it is placed in the tray and looks for a suitable free space.

  Modular system reduces assembly time

  The standard solution for the Shuttle-XP series meets almost any customer requirements in all industries. The system can be easily combined with existing logistics processes to optimize logistics performance. With the modular system design, installation and modification work compared to traditional methods, with a full reduction of 1/3. Even if the logistics conditions change, the need to modify the height of the device will not have any problems. Modular design not only allows each device with a high degree of flexibility, but also multiple devices in parallel or front and rear arrangement of the way together. Modern internal logistics promotion program in addition to optimize the use of existing storage area, but also to create new storage or production area. In addition, the modern lift system can be used not only as a traditional storage unit in a warehouse, but also as a buffer storehouse directly used in production, and thus the savings of the area can be used for production.

  On how to be compatible with existing logistics systems, Kardex offers a variety of options to choose from. From standalone solutions, multiple devices are integrated until connected to ERP or WMS management systems. In these logistics solutions, including stacking cranes, such as Shuttle XPcrane; heavy lift, such as Intertex's Tower-MAT, storage cargo load up to 5t. In addition, there are dust-free systems that can be used in the semiconductor industry or hospitals, frozen storage as low as -20 ° C, hazardous areas or explosion-proof storage areas with fire protection facilities.

  The latest R & D is Hori-Opt technology, which enables multiple lift systems to be optimized in parallel or relative manner. The user initiates the picking command through its warehouse management system, followed by the Hori-Opt system, controls the operation commands of all devices, optimizes the path, and prepares the desired pallet. Compared with manual operation, the picking time is reduced by more than half.

  The lift system has a high safety standard

  In addition to increased storage density, reduced picking time and high flexibility, a high level of safety is also a major feature of modern automated container systems. The Kardex system provides double protection for people. First, when the extractor is moved, the lift door installed inside the opening device will protect the operator from shock and prevent the accident from occurring. The person's protective light curtain installed in front of the opening device constitutes another safety mechanism : If the opening device is touched while the lift door is open, the screen will be interrupted and the horizontally moving tray will be stopped immediately. The tray will only be re-run only after the noise source is removed and the machine control system issues a safety prompt.

  In view of the growing demand for internal logistics, and the budget is more and more tense, the development trend of the lift system will continue. Not necessarily have a new warehouse for the job, more time should also be adapted to local conditions, and truly effective use of all space resources.

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