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Is there any attention to the material of the casters when moving the tool cabinet?

Technical Information
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2017/10/13 09:44

  Often the purchase of mobile tool cabinet customers should understand that in the purchase of tool cabinet time, in addition to look at the material of the product, there are options to move the tool cabinet casters. Currently on the market is the use of rubber casters, generally according to the needs of users, the choice of various types of casters. The following is the example of Luoyang dry Hao casters and load-bearing requirements, hoping to help you later in the selection, to understand their own suitable models.

  Rubber casters

  By the rubber alone and galvanized stent composition, rubber casters sales up to 1 inch to 12 inches, then the big need to be customized!

  The general situation to choose the right rubber casters is the most important depending on the load and walking environment. Whether you require acid and alkali, waterproof rust, high temperature or normal use, can be based on load, walking environment to choose.

  Small rubber casters

  Used for furniture, mobile chassis, freezers, light industrial equipment, kitchen equipment, kitchen utensils, shelves, washing machines, storage vehicles, food delivery equipment, medium-sized electromechanical equipment. Size 1 inch -3 inch, the load range of 10-50kg wheel width 17-34mm. Specifications are 5, universal, fixed, side brake, thread, thread brake.

  Medium rubber casters

  It is suitable for office furniture, high-grade furniture, electronic industry, kitchen equipment, medical equipment, electronic equipment and equipment; logistics handling equipment, food distribution equipment, hotels, banks, Size 3-5 inch, load range 100-210kg wheel width 32mm.

  Heavy duty rubber casters

  Applicable to machinery and equipment, kitchen equipment, medical equipment. Electronic equipment, logistics handling equipment, trolleys, flatbed, food distribution equipment, heavy shelves, working cars, and so widely used. Size 4-8 inch, load range: 280kg-830kg, wheel width: 44-50mm. Heavy-duty nylon casters specifications are 4, universal, fixed, side brake, flat brake.

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