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How long are the storage shelves used for electronic light industry?

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2017/10/13 09:43

  In general, light warehouse shelves, medium-sized warehouse shelves, heavy warehouse shelves are common storage shelves. The structure of these storage shelves mainly in the following areas:

  The first thing to say is the light warehouse shelves, its structural features are: universal angle steel column, plug assembly structure, warehouse shelves can be arbitrarily combined, generally steel plate, layer height every 50 cm arbitrary adjustable installation easy , The appearance of lightweight and beautiful, manual access to goods, commonly used to store light items, and its capital investment, can be widely used in electronics, light industry, supermarkets, culture and education and other industries.

  For the medium-sized warehouse shelves, the structure of such storage shelves features: plug-in modular structure, the standard group of components, do not have a connecting bolts, warehouse shelves to install and remove quickly and easily, the board for the cut, Strong closed steel layer, and the bottom of the board with a reinforced or reinforced ribs, height of every 50 cm height adjustable, the unit shelf load per layer can reach 400 kilograms, square column, the number of positive punching Less, so that storage shelves more stable and elegant, widely used in all walks of life.

  Finally, it is said that the characteristics of heavy-duty warehouse shelves, it is a combination of beam-type shelf shelves shelf, belonging to the ladder-type beams, the general can be configured steel lumber or wood laminated board, the height of every 50 mm arbitrary Adjustable, the unit shelf load of up to 800 kilograms per layer, size specifications according to customer demand tailored, the structure of such storage shelves suitable for use in the manufacturing industry and other industries.

  Loft shelves, usually using medium shelf shelves or heavy shelf shelves as the main support plus floor panels (depending on the total load weight of the shelf unit to decide which shelf to use), floor panels are usually selected cold rolled steel floor, pattern steel floor or Steel grating floor.

  In recent years, the use of cold-rolled steel floor, it has a strong carrying capacity, good integrity, good load uniformity, high precision, smooth surface, easy to lock and other advantages. There are many types of optional, and easy to match the lighting system, Take, management are more convenient. Floor design according to a variety of installation conditions can be easily assembled in the field, without welding. Loft shelf system in the field of auto parts, automotive 4S shop, light industry, electronics and other industries have more applications.

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