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If you buy warehouse shelves, should pay attention to what?

Technical Information
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2017/10/13 09:42

  If you buy warehouse shelves, should pay attention to what?

  1. Suggested friends according to your actual unit, from the following aspects of shelf standards:

  2. Mainly for the quality of the shelves, no quality below all are false.

  3. Warehouse use area, space height;

  4. Warehouse to be used with height, space retention height;

  5. According to the weight of the goods to be stocked to calculate the weight per unit area;

  6. According to the warehouse area, reserved walkway, shelf clearance, to determine the unit shelf area

  7. Calculate the carrying weight of the shelf monolayer according to articles 3 and 4, and establish the number of shelves. We use the result of the fifth as shelf standard.

  Also note the following:

  1, the goods characteristics:

  (1) the shape of goods: the shape of goods, size, length and other factors related to the specifications of the shelf;

  (2) the weight of goods: choose the appropriate strength of the warehouse shelves;

  (3) cargo storage; card board, storage cage, cardboard boxes, plastic baskets and so on.

  2, cargo handling:

  (1) manual work; (such as the use of layered shelf)

  (2) mechanical operations. (Such as forklift)

  3, cargo access:

  (1) Accessibility;

  (2) storage density.

  4, warehouse structure: such as space height, fire equipment and other factors.

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