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Warehouse center heavy shelves moisture tips

Technical Information
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2017/10/13 09:41

  In order to economically and rationally solve the moisture problem of the warehouse storage shelves and create a good indoor microclimate, in order to simplify the calculation, we use the steady-state wetting theory, Design Basis. So as to choose a reasonable envelope of the warehouse shelves material to calculate the various welding materials should be the thickness and arrangement of ways to ensure that the high temperature and humidity in the season outside the wet air can not be transferred to the library, so that the library to ensure Should be the humidity of the small climate.

  Second, the formation of the whole closed to the Treasury. It is difficult to ensure that the design of the warehouse is difficult to ensure the moisture of the Treasury, but also in the overall layout, single flat profile design, envelope (wall, roof, ground, doors and windows, etc.) above the construction and construction techniques and construction methods on the hard work , So that the formation of poor library similar to the tank can be absolutely closed, so that the wet air outside the library can not be imported into the library.

  Careful design, careful construction, in many cases can not fully meet the requirements, but also must take some effective management system and management methods. For example, at the right time for the ventilation between the storage shelves, when necessary, auxiliary dehumidification, ready to do the warehouse drainage and leakage repair and warehouse maintenance management.

  Finally, it is necessary to regularly and regularly do the inside and outside the library humidity and wind direction, wind speed, pressure and other determination of the work permit, the conditions permit, the warehouse should also be measured moisture in order to accumulate more moisture test data, better To master the moisture law of the Treasury. Only from the Treasury moisture-proof calculation, building structure, careful construction, careful management, moisture testing and other aspects of comprehensive management in order to economically and rationally solve the moisture problem of the Treasury.

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