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Warehouse on the three-dimensional library Shelf warehouse pallets

Technical Information
Release time:
2017/10/13 09:40

  Shelf pallets, that is, warehouse shelves for the shelves of the special tray, the shelf tray generally require the inside of the tray to add steel pipe, the number of steel pipe can be based on the actual needs of the load, add a different number; on the shelf wooden pallets, The actual shelf size, the weight of the goods custom, shelf pallets in the food, tobacco, chemical, pharmaceutical and other manufacturing industries the most widely used.

  Shelf Pallet - Shelf Pallet Specifications:

  Light Series Tray:

  1, nine foot type plastic tray;

  2, Sichuan word without steel pipe plastic tray;

  3, Tian word without steel pipe plastic tray;

  Heavy duty plastic tray:

  1, double-sided grid plastic tray;

  2, double-sided welding plastic tray;

  3, double-sided grid with steel pipe plastic tray;

  4, Sichuan word grid plus steel pipe plastic tray;

  5, Sichuan word plate with steel pipe plastic tray;

  6, Tian word grid plus steel pipe plastic tray;

  Shelf pallet - use the following points when using:

  1, should be lightly put plastic tray, to avoid landing when the uneven force, damage.

  2, placed goods, should be placed evenly, to avoid lifting movements, the occurrence of side crooked.

  3, the use of handling equipment, should consider whether the size of the cargo fit for this plastic tray, to avoid the size of inappropriate, bear bad plastic tray.

  4, stacking use, should consider the bottom of a tray bearing.

  5, forklift or manual hydraulic vehicle operation, the fork as far as possible to the outer side of the tray fork by the foot, fork thorns should be all into the tray, the tray can be lifted after the smooth change angle. The fork can not hit the side of the tray to avoid causing the tray to break and crack.

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