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Working Position Apparatus

Technical Information
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2017/10/11 19:39


  Definition of Working Position Apparatus:

  The workstation appliance is a kind of device used by the enterprise to store the objects or tools in the production site or warehouse. It is used for all kinds of parts, raw materials, etc., to meet the production needs, to facilitate the operation of workers, and to use auxiliary equipment, which is indispensable for every link in the production process. The commonly used tools include: table, tool cabinet, tool car, locker, spare parts storage rack, sorting table (rack), material box, hopper, collecting box, running car, etc.

  There are two main types of tools: general construction equipment and special tools.

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  Role of Working Position Apparatus:

  1. Prevent the parts from being knocked, touched, injured, dirty and disorderly in the process of assembling logistics, thus achieving the purpose of ensuring the quality of products.

  2. It is convenient for the assembly workers to take the spare parts, not to fall in the storage of spare parts, reduce the workers' ineffective labor, and improve the work efficiency.

  3. Keep the parts and job site clean, and promote civilized production.

  4. Meet the mixed flow arrangement of production plan, reasonable layout design, adapt to fixed and quantitative requirements, prevent the spare parts from mixing, and facilitate production management.

  5. Integral, functional and generality, suitable for the assembly of parts, easy to see the data, ensure balanced production, and improve the utilization rate of the site area.

  6. It is conducive to the production of safety and civilization and to prevent all kinds of accidents.

  7. It is helpful for the inventory of all kinds of parts, so as to control the parts and prevent the missing parts.

  8. Create conditions for the application of scientific management methods and means.

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