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Tool Cabinet Introduction

Technical Information
Release time:
2017/10/11 19:29


  Tool cabinet profile:

  Tool cabinet: it is used for the setting management of tools, tools and parts in the production site, so that the goods and access work can truly be punctual, accurate, high efficiency and low consumption.

  The tool cabinet is widely used in modern enterprises. The tool cabinet is used in factories, workshops, auto repair shops, 4S stores, auto parts stores, technical training workshops, units, schools, maintenance workshops and other occasions.

  Features of tool cabinet:

  1. High strength structural design and special spray surface treatment process can adapt to the complex working environment of the factory.

  2. Guide rail with high quality bearing to ensure that the single drawer can easily and smoothly under the load rated load.

  3. The partition of free adjustment in the drawer allows you to separate the storage space.

  4. Wide - wide aluminum alloy drawer handles and replaceable labels, beautiful, convenient and practical.

  5. Advanced drawer safety button design ensures that drawers will not slip out accidentally after closing.

  6. Equipped with safe baffle design, ensure that the drawer opens and 100 % will not drop.

  7. Adopt the international advanced level lock, the lock is advanced, only one key can lock all drawers, ensure the safety of the goods.

  8. Free choice of drawers with different heights to meet customers' needs.

  9. The bottom pads of the cabinet shall protect the cabinet from damage when placed or moved.

  10. Multiple surface colors to meet the requirements of the overall layout of users.

  11. Choose the drawers with different height according to the requirements, and fully meet the needs of the production site.

  Tool cabinet classification:

  Use site classification

  Factory workshop tool cabinet

  School special tool cabinet

  Household tool cabinet

  By capacity classification

  Light tool cabinet

  Medium tool tank

  Heavy tool tank

  Divide by drawer

  Single guide drawer, drawer cannot pull out all. (similar to a more closet in the home, just a bigger load)

  Double guide drawer, that is to have fixed orbit and moving rail to cooperate with each other, drawer can pull out all.

  The three-pole technology tool cabinet series products are mainly used in factory workshops, schools, laboratories and research institutes. The cabinet can be equipped with the tool box, the parts box, make your work environment neat and clean, reduce the damage or loss of the tools, the parts, good harvest to take, greatly improve work efficiency. It can provide tailored services.

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