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  Three pole technology recruitment brochure

  Chengdu tripole technology co., LTD. Is one of the largest enterprises in the industry. It is a well-known manufacturer and supplier of industrial equipments, warehousing and logistics equipment and automatic industrial equipment. The company's brand "three pole - forster" series covers 30 provinces and cities in China and more than a dozen countries and regions in the world. Due to the development, we are looking forward to the following people. We sincerely expect you to join us.

  1. Sales engineer

  Responsibilities: responsible for customer development and order signing, receivables recovery, etc.

  College degree or above, major in mechanical, marketing and related disciplines, with good affinity and communication skills and love of sales.

  Location: sichuan, chongqing, hunan, hubei, shandong, shenyang, Beijing, tianjin, shaanxi and other regions, please indicate the working area in your resume.

  2. Network marketing

  Job responsibilities:

  1. Use various Internet resources to improve website visits and promote the company's brand, product advantages and corporate image through effective means.

  2. Responsible for updating and maintaining relevant column contents of the website, and optimizing the network marketing of the company's website;

  3. Develop new customers and maintain good communication with customers through network promotion, and establish market channels.

  Job requirements:

  1. Have more than 2 years of online sales experience and familiar with various marketing methods and means of online marketing;

  2. Have sharp market insight, resourcefulness and creative thinking ability;

  3. Have a high enthusiasm for sales work;

  4. Have a strong sense of dedication, responsibility and positive work attitude; related work experience is preferred;

  5. Have a certain copywriting skills.

  3. Business

  Responsibilities: responsible for customer file management, bidding management, product quotation, communication with dealers and other sales administrative affairs. Knowledge of network knowledge is preferred.

  Job requirements: secondary school or above, with strong working experience and strong communication skills, with more than three years of sales experience or mechanical manufacturing business experience is preferred.

  4. Skilled numerical control operator (punch, shearing machine, bending machine, laser cutting machine)

  Job responsibilities: according to the company's production arrangement, independently conduct numerical control programming operation and guarantee the daily work tasks and leadership assignments.

  Job requirements: technical secondary school or above, major in numerical control, more than one year numerical control equipment (CNC punching machine, CNC shearing machine, CNC bending machine, laser cutting machine) programming experience (nc programming for prerequisite), healthy body, obey leadership arrangement.

  5. Skilled in plastic injection

  Job responsibilities:

  1. Ensure the production of plastic products required by the production task order independently;

  2. Set up the regular maintenance and maintenance plan of the injection molding machine to ensure the normal operation of the equipment;

  3. Mold management, maintenance, installation and commissioning of injection molding equipment.


  1. More than 2 years experience in practical injection molding, familiar with the production process and temperature control of various plastic raw materials;

  2. Understand the structure and performance of injection mould and injection molding machine, and can independently conduct machine debugging;

  3. Strong sense of responsibility, steadfast and hardworking.

  Above post personnel once hired, the company will provide competitive compensation and training opportunities, and enjoy the beautiful office environment and free staff dormitory, enjoy holiday and improve the welfare system of the company and paid to provide you with three meals a day.

  The location of the work area is not only the sales class, but also the four sections 785, the airport road of the economic development zone of the southwest airport of chengdu shuangliu.

  Resume delivery email:, recruitment consulting phone: 028-85880196

  Company transport route back and forth: red floor stand - double nan village - west avenue - cluster bridge - & shoes - li shrine - always happy village - northing new - good blessing - big - WenXing Town - double hua road - company.

  Arriving at the company bus: 824, 826, 832, 846, at the hairong group station, 816, shuangliu 3B road at yangqiao station.

  (if you are interested, please send your resume to the mailbox. Please specify the working area for the sales position. Resume screening and appointment, not please visit, not welcome. All resumes and information companies are confidential and will not be returned. Please understand.