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  Service purpose

  Quick, comprehensive and earnest response to customers' needs, saving customers and dealers, save time and time. At the same time, with the excellent product quality, the unique design concept, the practical flexible function sets a new model for the logistics warehouse equipment manufacturing industry.

  Commitment to quality

  1. The company strictly follows the ISO9001:2000 quality system operation and production, so that the product quality is fully guaranteed.

  2. Products such as workstation and equipment shall be manufactured and inspected strictly according to the standards of industry and enterprises.

  3, shelves, the rigidity and strength of national machinery industry standard JB/T5323-91 "welded steel structure stereoscopic warehouse shelves technical conditions", CECS23:90 "steel shelves structure design specification", JB/T 5323-91 "steel shelves technical conditions", JBJ9-87 "steel structure design code", ZBJ83015-89 standard for design of the high warehouse shelves, etc.

  4. The steel used in all products of the company is the quality plate of large domestic enterprises;

  5. The welding of all parts of the products shall be carried out in reference to national or industry standards, ensuring uniform, firm, unsoldering and virtual welding of the welding seams;

  6, product and its accessories and surface pretreatment and spraying are completed on the advanced automatic spraying line, its process is: cleaning/degreasing/phosphate/drying/electrostatic spraying/baking/packaging products inspection, coating quality conform to the requirement of GB92865-88 standard.

  Promise of warranty

  1. The guarantee period of product quality shall be one year after acceptance. During the quality guarantee period, the products are not to be a quality problem, we will provide free service.

  2, products such as failure occurs, the company promised within 12 hours after receiving information make maintenance plan, sending technical and maintenance personnel to the scene within 24 hours to solve problem (according to the corresponding adjustment journey distance made). Replacement of damaged parts free of charge for quality problems;

  3. During the warranty period, if the parts of the products are not normal wear or damaged or lost, we will provide the service free of charge and only charge the parts cost.

  4. Our company has regular contact with the use party to inquire about the use of the products, and make a return visit record.

  Commitment outside the warranty period

  Upon the acceptance of products after a year of service as the service outside the quality guarantee period, the company has the responsibility to provide life-long service for the customer, the preferential services for paid service: to ensure to provide customers with preferential price in the future work of all the equipment parts supply, quality inspection, and maintenance services.

  One-stop service mode

  We provide an integrated service system for enterprise users, which covers all aspects of customers' pre-sale and after-sales service. From the equipment purchase consulting, plant planning and design, installation and debugging to operating personnel training, equipment operation maintenance technical support, spare parts supply, three pole are equipped with professional science and technology, provide enterprises with a full range of solutions, help enterprises reasonable use of resources, enhance competition power.

  Engineering services team

  Three pole technology have a proficient in technical and long-term practical experience of mechanical engineering installation and maintenance service team, after training in the company, our technology and service efficiency and attitude to customer service, etc all have the professional level.